Capiaux Cellars grape source Pisoni Vineyard in late summer

2021 Capiaux Chimera Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley, Sonoma

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SKU: 2021-Chimera-PN

Chimera is one of my earliest wines, the name taken from Greek mythology... "

a monster comprised of three different animals" as is depicted on the label. Originally blended from three vineyards back in 2001, I now have access to several excellent Russian River vineyard sources that boost its quality and value

Appellation: Russian River


89% Starscape Vineyard, Russian River

 5% Widdoes Vineyard, Russian River

 3% Pisoni Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands

 3% Garys’ Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands

Harvest Date: September 1st - October 23rd

Brix @ Harvest: 25.2

Bottling Date: September 2022

pH: 3.78

Release Date: April 2023

TA (g/1): 5.8

Aging: French oak, 10% new

Alcohol: 14.6

Months Aging: 11

Production: 1210 cases