Capiaux Cellars grape source Pisoni Vineyard in late summer

2016 Capiaux Estate Carménère

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Carménère is thought to have first been planted by the Romans in Bordeaux and is the result of crossing Cabernet Franc with Gros Cabernet grape varietal. The name Carménère comes from the French word for crimson, Carménère tends to be rich bodied with smokey, spicy and earthy aromas. Medium tannin, the aging potential is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon.  I planted it in my back yard, a little over an acre about 10 years ago. Enjoy this rare varietal wine and with your friends as it will spark conversation. This is my second vintage.

In the glass, you will see a super dark opaque center with a red hue. Aromas of roasted coffee, caramel and deep tar. Reminiscent of a Cabernet Sauvignon but a bit more earthy and with well-integrated berry flavors. A rich, viscous, syrup-like mouthfeel that spreads nicely across your palate, without sweetness, of course.

Appellation:  100% Oak Knoll, Napa

Vineyard:  Capiaux Family Estate

Harvest Date: October 1   

Bottling Date: August 2018

Release Date: April 2020

Aging: French oak, 50% new

Months Aging: 22

Brix @ Harvest: 25

pH: 3.83

TA (g/1): 5.7

Alcohol: 14.5

Production: 23 cases