The key to wine quality is superior grapes; therefore Capiaux Cellars only produces wines from judiciously selected vineyards. All the vineyards that we purchase grapes from are contracted on a "by-the-acre" rather than a "per-ton" basis. We pay a set fee for the acreage guarantying the grower cash for his crop regardless of the tonnage. This allows us to prune, shoot-thin and drop crop as we see fit.

Garys’ Vineyard
(1.45 acres contracted)

Following in the success of its parent vineyard, Pisoni, located just eight miles North in the Santa Lucia Highlands this vineyard is a partnership between Gary Pisoni, of Pisoni Vineyard, and Gary Franscioni. The bud wood for Garys' vineyard came from the Pisoni vineyard, which came from a very famous vineyard in Burgundy. This is a younger vineyard that continues to improve with age.

Pisoni Vineyard
(1.14 acres contracted; camper section own rooted)

An instant success, this vineyard in the Santa Lucia Highlands just south of Salinas is producing some amazing wines from an array of top Pinot Noir producers. The bud wood for the Pisoni vineyard came from a very famous vineyard in Burgundy. This vineyard is coming into its prime with age and is producing dark expansive wines with firm structure meant for aging.

Wilson Vineyard
(2.0 acres contracted)

Wilson vineyard is located the most Northern part of the Sonoma Coast appellation in the town of Annapolis. The entire vineyard is only 2 acres, planted at 700 feet above Sea level and only 3 miles from the coast Pinot Noir thrives in this cool coastal area. The newer French clone 777 on rootstock, 3309, is planted. 

Widdoes Vineyard
(1.86 acres contracted)

The Dutton Ranch’s™ Widdoes vineyard is located between the towns of Graton and Occidental in the Russian River Valley appellation. The cool temperate growing conditions allow the grapes from this 18 year-old, vertical trained, dry farmed vineyard to ripen slowly and evenly. At this vineyard the Beringer clone Pinot Noir is planted which consistently produces a wine of finesse and balance.

Freestone Hill Vineyard
(1.9 acres contracted)

This vineyard is in an exciting new viticultural area located on the outskirts of the Russian River appellation bordering on the Sonoma Coast appellation in the town of Freestone. Many of the high-end Pinot Noir producers have planted impressive Pinot Noir vineyards in this cool coastal area. French clone 115 on low vigor rootstock, 101-14, is planted in this vineyard and is a proven producer of high quality Pinot Noir. This is a Dutton Ranch™ vineyard unique cool climate wine.

Gaps Crown
Block 4C, 1.01 acres, clone 114

Our newest of the Capiaux single vineyard selections, the Gaps Crown vineyard is located in the cool and windy Petaluma Gap in southwestern Sonoma County. Located in the foothills of the Sonoma Mountain, east of Rohnert Park, the vineyard offers a variety of soil types at elevations ranging from 300 to 800 feet above sea level.  Many of the vines also sit above the fog level which benefits ripening.